About Ola

Just like many others, Ola Johansson was affected by the events occurring in the world around us. Towards the end of summer 2015, he could no longer watch and not take action.

First, he got involved with Refugees Welcome Stockholm and drove newly arriving refugees from Central Stockholm to the different transit residencies. Then he travelled to the Greek islands, full of energy and with donations he had received from relatives and friends. He saw with his own eyes the need for financial help out there, on location. And this is how Hjälp till att hälpa! began. Since early autumn 2015, Ola and many others have made several trips, mostly to Lesbos, to help out. There are so many organisations out there, but we are unique in being there with immediate on-site support.

Listen to Ola

What drives a man to repeatedly leave his comfortable life, family and work as a graphic designer, and instead to completely focus on helping stranded refugees? And even pay for all of this by himself? Listen to the ‘Innerligt’ podcast and an interview with Ola Johansson. (The interview is only available in Swedish).

Listen to the interview