Volunteer as an interpreter

During our last visit to Lesbos, we realised that the one thing that almost all the organisations there are in need of is interpreters. So, instead of building up a group of volunteers, Hjälpa till att hjälpa! will be building up a team of interpreters to help the organisations on location. We are looking for people with experience of volunteer work and who speak any of the following languages: Arabic, Persian (Farsi), Kurdish, Dari and Urdu/Punjabi. Our working language is English.

We are in need of short-term interpreters who can help out for at least two weeks. But we also need long-term interpreters who can help for at least a month. Hjälp till att hjälpa! will provide your flights, accommodation and transportation needs (a seven-seater van). We aim to be able to send six people over at a time. We will begin a testing-period of six months in March/April 2016.

There is a massive need. To be able to communicate in their own language can be just as important as food and water for these people. If you have experience of volunteer work and speak any of the above-mentioned languages, fill in the form below and tell us a little about yourself and your experiences. We will contact you as soon as we are able.

Thank you!

Contact us by filling in the form below. Thank you!